Food and Agriculture
Environmental conditions can have a significant affect on the quality and shelf life of food and agricultural products.  Temperature and humidity are also ‘key’ considerations in reducing product spoilage and the associated costs.

IMS provides a range of EDX solutions from the EDX Basic, which is designed as a cost effective temperature monitoring solution for small areas, to the EDX Premium, which provides maximum flexibility in the setup, types of conditions being monitored and the number of locations being included.  Whether you are a grower, involved in food transportation, manage a warehouse, or operate an abattoir, IMS has an EDX solution that is right for you.

Regardless of which EDX solution you select, you will receive a fully scalable product that is HACCP friendly, to meet your requirements.  The EDX solutions also provide 24/7 secure on-line access to your current and historical results, as well as user definable alerts, and automated notifications of out of range conditions, when they occur.

In addition to the EDX solutions, IMS provides a number of related services and products, such as temperature mapping studies of your storage locations, and shipping studies for your in-transit conditions, to assist you in better understanding detailed and localized variations.  IMS products include temperature and temperature/humidity dataloggers, and strip chart recorders to assist in the provision of in-transit monitoring of your products.

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