The efficient operation of HVAC systems relies on an ability to monitor environmental conditions and to be able to respond to out of range situations in a timely fashion.

IMS provides a range of EDX solutions, services and products to meet HVAC and commercial applications.  Whether there is a need to monitor temperatures in boilers, chillers or in open spaces, IMS has sensors and probes to meet your requirements.  Utilizing the EDX platform, all of your environmental information can be consolidated into a single on-line portal that can be centrally and securely monitored.  Whether you are managing single or multiple facilities, and need to include a single sensor type, such as temperature, or multiple types, which may include humidity, gases, etc, the EDX HVAC system can meet your needs.  For greater flexibility in meeting your requirements, the EDX eXtreme solution can also be considered.

In addition to the EDX solutions, IMS can provide a number of related services, such as the temperature mapping of areas covered by your HVAC systems.

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