Healthcare and Life Sciences
Healthcare and life science agencies employ a range of environments to address the breadth and scope of their interests and activities, which may include dietary services, pharmacies, patient care facilities, tissue storage and many others.  All of these areas rely on designated environmental conditions to ensure desired outcomes.

IMS provides a range of EDX solutions from the EDX Basic, which is designed as a cost effective solution for small areas, to the EDX eXtreme, which provides maximum flexibility in the setup and the range of environmental conditions that can monitored; including temperature, humidity, vibration, gases and many others.

Of particular concern is the storage and transportation of vaccines and medications within their stated temperature tolerances.  EDX Cold Chain is a unique solution that integrates wireless environmental monitoring, for storage locations, with dataloggers, for in-transit conditions, to provide a comprehensive temperature and humidity profile of your products across the entire cold chain.

Regardless of which EDX solution you select, you will receive a fully scalable product to meet your changing requirements, as well as 24/7 secure on-line access to your current and historical results.  EDX solutions also include user definable alerts and automated notifications of out of range conditions, when they occur.

In addition to the EDX solutions, IMS provides a number of related services, such as the temperature mapping of your storage and in-transit locations, to assist you in better understanding detailed and localized variations in conditions.

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