IMS Solutions Overview

IMS solutions are designed to meet specific industry requirements, as well as applicable regulations and legislation. Built around the Environmental Data Exchange (EDX) platform, IMS solutions have been designed to meet the unique and specific needs of a number of different industries.

In each solution, the EDX core functionality is maintained, which includes:

         Wireless architecture
         24/ 7 Real-time monitoring
         24/7 Secure on-line access to current and historical results
        Web enabled access through a standard browser
         User definable alert parameters for out of range conditions
         Automated alert notifications and tiered response levels
         Integrated results reporting for multiple locations, and                environmental conditions
         Up to 1 year of on-line access to historical results for       trending purposes
         An on-line audit trail of user interventions

 Some of the key advantages to an EDX solution include:

         Low cost, fast and easy wireless installation
         Scaleable architecture to grow with your company's       requirements
         Real-time and secure access to information over the internet
         User definable alarms and automated notifications of out of       range conditions
         Ability to integrate multiple types of environmental sensors       into a single reporting solution

  Click here for an EDX Overview in PDF